Trade Fair for Pharmaceuticals Products
Business Forum
November 22-24 2023 Moscow, Skolkovo Innovation Center, Amalteya Hall

«This exhibition for us is a platform for live communication with our clients, with those who have registered on the training portal, and who use the Uniko programme. This is a feedback channel that allows us to improve our services. Here you can meet pharmacies and pharmacy chains, pharmacy owners, managers, pharmacists, and manufacturers. This event is unique, as here you can get a lot of contacts in one day.»
Dmitry Zelenin, Pharm Tutor and Uniko Project Manager
«We have many clients at the exhibition. We communicate with major Russian chains and manufacturers, and do joint projects with them. We are developing existing relationships, and establishing new partnerships. APTEKA exhibition is visited by specialists from many Russian regions. We are pleased to see the various pharmacy chains from such remote places as Magadan and Kamchatka – it would be very difficult to meet them elsewhere. We also meet our partners from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan. And of course, here we develop new forms of cooperation with new customers. Just today we met more than ten new companies. I think that in the future we will work fruitfully with them.»
Andrey Tsybulko, Head of Marketing Department, Minskintercaps
«This was not the first APTEKA exhibition in which we participate. We really liked it. Our stand was attended by the pharmaceutical distributors and pharmacies. Many of them came from distant regions such as the Urals, Krasnoyarsk, the Far East, and Kazakhstan. For us, of course, this was very interesting, because the geography of contacts at the exhibition is quite extensive.
Every exhibition is priceless, because you communicate with people directly, and get a live feedback.»
Irina Chekhovskikh, Marketing Director, "Dihydon"
«APTEKA remains relevant, and the exhibitors offer their current product range for the heads of pharmacies and pharmacy chains. I think it is interesting for all visitors both from Moscow and from the regions, who come here to see what exactly is going on in the pharmaceutical retail, what new products the suppliers offer that can help to maintain the margins and profitability of the pharmacy business. The exhibition must be attended, especially as there is a business forum in parallel, there you can hear a lot of things that you cannot hear anywhere else in the year in Russia. The exhibition must be attended, not least because of the business forum which runs in parallel, where you can get lots of information that you won’t hear anywhere else in Russia for a year.»
Herman Inozemtsev, chief editor, “Pharmaceutical Vestnik” newspaper
«APTEKA exhibition has no alternatives either in Moscow or in Russia in terms of the companies represented and the quality of industry information. We have been participating in APTEKA exhibition for several years in a row, and we always sign contracts with new chains, as well as with regional, federal and local distributors. APTEKA is the only chance for small pharmacy chains to meet the manufacturers.»
Vladimir Surkov, Commercial Director, Nicol LLC
«The Association of Independent Pharmacies has been participating in the Forum for the fourth year. The Forum as a business program is developing, more and more new topics are coming up, and the response of the participants is very positive. It is very good that this is an open platform where you can discuss any problematic issues in the industry. The events are hold by both individual pharmacies and representatives of large federal chains, as well as industry associations.»
Alexander Kondratyev, managing partner of ASNA pharmacy chain
«We achieved excellent results at the previous exhibition, and concluded many big contracts. We have been processing the contacts for a year and they almost all worked. Only here at this exhibition you can meet face to face with those clients, partners and top officials with whom you could communicate by phone or e-mail earlier. It is possible only here.»
Alexandra Shestakova, Development Director, Elusan
«APTEKA is the only exhibition that can serve as a bridge for the people who want to enter this business.»
Yakov Mikhelson, President, “Nutricare”