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NICOLE LABORATORY is domestic manufacturer of a wide range of care products for a body. Our production is located in Moscow area, in the settlement Gzhel. The company specializes in development and industrial production of various trademarks, which allow taking care of skin, hair, saloon and SPA cosmetics, sun-protection, and dermatological individual protection. The uniqueness of our manufactory is that on the same platform are concentrated sections in production of white cosmetics, foamy -detergents and decorative cosmetics. As a result, using our productions of NICOLE LABORATORY, consumers have an opportunity to care of body and to improve the appearance. In the company assets – we have our own product development and supplementary laboratory, which allows us to control the quality of production at all stages of technological process. NICOLE LABORATORY uses only qualitative raw materials. Our productions have convenient packing and modern design. Besides, our research center is capable to develop formulation of any complexity. The capital equipment accords the modern requirements of the market. Our staff is trained constantly and improves the skills. Several automated lines allow producing up to 45 million finished products a year.
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