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Alfit Plus

About company

Alfit Plus Company is engaged in the development, production and sale of high-quality health-promoting, preventive and cosmetic products on a natural plant base. The formulation of each product of the Company is a combination of centuries-old experience of the traditional medicine and advanced scientific achievements. The production capabilities of Alfit Plus Company allow us to preserve the entire complex of natural active substances, contributing to the optimal functioning of the human body systems, well-being and longevity.
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Areas of activity of the company

  • витамины\vitamins
  • диабетическое, диетическое и функциональное питание\diabetic, dietary and functional nutrition
  • иммуномодулирующие средства\immunomodulatory agents
  • пищевые добавки\food additive
  • производитель\manufacturer
  • противопаразитные средства\antiparasitic agents
  • сердечно-сосудистые средства\cardiovascular products
  • средства гигиены\hygiene productshygiene products
  • средства для коррекции метаболических процессов\means for correction of metabolic processes
  • средства для лечения желудочно-кишечных заболеваний\means for treatment of gastrointestinal diseases
  • средства для ухода за ногами\foot care products
  • средства повышающие физическую работоспособность\means that increase physical performance
  • средства, применяемые при отравлениях и интоксикациях\drugs used in poisoning and intoxication
  • фиточаи\herbal teas

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