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Name for fascia board Field of activity VITAUCT Not chosen Description of activity Vitaukt is a domestic producer of unique unprecedented natural herbal products (dietary supplements) of new concept made from medicinal and herb materials for health and longevity. The producer performs the full cycle of production from cultivation of plants to a finished product which the company will present at the exhibition "Pharmacy -2019". At this exhibition, Vitaukt will showcase its new products based on cutting edge scientific and production technologies and produced from raw materials grown on the company’s own plantations in environmentally pristine region – the foothills of the North Caucasus (Lagonaki plateau). The product is designed to improve the quality of life and, ideally, to extend it. The liquid supplements do not contain alcohol, sugar, dyes, flavor-enhancers, aromatizing agents, parabens, sodium benzoate. Tableted forms of supplements produced by Vitaukt do not contain sugar, dyes, flavor-enhancers, aromatizing agents, auxiliary components (fillers, binding agents, baking powder, preservatives, etc). For its products, the company uses about 100 species of herb materials among which there are subtropical and rare species (Ginkgo biloba, Myrtle, Dioscorea caucasica Lipsky, American walnut, Artichoke thistle, etc.) that the company grows on its own plantations at pollution free region of the Caucasus; manufacture facilities are also based there. When harvesting and processing raw materials, the company ensures the biologically active substances of the plants are not destructed, thus preserving all healing qualities of the product.
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