27-th International Trade Fair for Pharmaceuticals Products
International Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum
December 7-10, 2020,  Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds

20th International specialized exhibition APTEKA 2013

9 – 12 December, Moscow, CEC “Expocentre”
Russian Healthcare Week


Monday, December 9

Section: Regulatory process in pharmaceutical industry. How to ensure the affordability of drugs?
13.00–15.00, Red hall #1

Moderator: Yuriy Krestinsky, Director of Public Healthcare Development Institute

  • Committee’s plans on legislative developments in drug circulation issues. Artem Yanovsky, Representative of the State Duma Healthcare Committee
  • The analysis of separate categories of citizens' provision with medicines and its' improvement offers. Elena Telnova, Leading Research Associate of the National Research Institute of Public Health
  • What has changed in state drug procurement procedure? Alla Buylova, Adviser of the Department for Control over State Procurement of the Federal Antimonopoly Service
  • Road map of GPP introduction in a pharmacy. Experience of Kazakhstan. Alexander Alexandrov, President of Vialek Group, Auditor of the European Organization of Quality (EOQ)
  • Role of patient organizations in modern healthcare system. Alexander Saversky, President of the League for Patients' Rights Protection
  • How hospital pharmacy can become a treatment process driver in a medical and prophylactic institution. Sergey Umarov, Research Consultant of Massar. Complete Healthcare Solutions

Section: H-hour for the Russian pharmaceutical industry: GMP-2014
14.00–16.00, Blue hall #2

Organizer: Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Section Partner: R-FARM
Moderator: Victor Dmitriev, General Director of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

  • Adoption of new GMP rules: securing the status of the Russian manufacturer and wide opportunities for local manufacturers. Victor Dmitriev, General Director of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Advantages of Russian manufacturers by adopting the new rules. Irina Osmolovskaya, Quality Director of R-Farm
  • Why do we need GMP inspections? Alexander Alexandrov, President of Vialek Group, Chief Editor of Chistyye Pomeshcheniya i Tekhnologicheskiye Sredy magazine
  • Experience of Ukrainian manufacturers in GMP standards adoption. Igor Korobkin, Deputy Director on International Business of Stirolbiofarm, Ukraine
  • The authorized person: role, functions and training. Rimma Abramovich, Director of the Scientific and Research Centre of the Russian University of Peoples Friendship»

Section: System approach in pharmacy management
15.00–17.00, Green hall #3

Moderator: Pavel Lisovsky, Managing Partner of Control System Design, Adviser on Pharmacy Profitability Issues

  • Money and medicines: Where is the profit? Sergey Shulyak, General Director of DSM group
  • New interaction model on the pharmacy chains market. Vladimir Boyko, Commercial Operations Director of MSD CC in Russia and the CIS
  • Introduction of efficient management system for pharmacy business profit increasing. Pavel Lisovsky, Managing Partner of Control System Design, Adviser on Pharmacy Profitability Issues
  • Role of software in pharmacy management. Alexander Novolotsky, Director of Aptekar Information Centre

Tuesday, December 10

Section: Road map scenario for pharmacy activities
11.00–13.00, Red hall #1»

Organizer: Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains

Moderator: Nelly Ignatiyeva, Executive Director of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains

  • Current state and development prospects of retail pharmacy chains in Russia. Nikolay Bespalov, editor in chief of Farmatsevticheskiy vestnik newspaper
  • «Life on loan». Sergey Shulyak, General Director of DSM group
  • Evolution of pharmacy trademark: from Private Label to CTM. Alexander Semenov, General Director of JSC First Aid
  • A shop or a pharmacy? The customer’s choice. Tatiana Apolonova, Executive Director of Healthy People St. Petersburg
  • «Unified communications within the pharmaceutical retail» — the project of the Association of Independent Pharmacies. Alexander Kondratyev, managing partner of the Association of Independent Pharmacies

Seminar: World-class discovery in treatment of osteoporosis, arthritis, arthrosis and fractures
13.30–14.00, Red hall #1

Organizer: Parafarm Trading House
Speaker: Prof. Villoriy Struko, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Penza Institute for Postgraduate Medical Education

  • Cavity formation in bone tissue as a cause of postmenopausal osteoporosis, arthritis and arthrosis
  • Qualitative criterion in treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis, arthritis, and arthrosis in cavity formations closure
  • Group of drugs developed to act on the cause of postmenopausal osteoporosis, arthritis, and arthrosis
  • The discovery awarded with the status of promising invention in the 100 best inventions in Russia contest

Section: Who knows what tomorrow holds? A promising scenario of the pharmaceutical business development up to 2020
13.00–15.00, Blue hall #2

Organizer: Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing

Moderator: German Inozemtsev, Strategy and Development Director of Synovate Comcon Healthcare, Co-Chairmanof the Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing

  • Pharmaceutical distributors: why they will die in 5–7 years. Who will replace them? Why changes are not possible? Alexander Semenov, General Director of First Aid
  • New opportunities for pharmaceutical business. Alexander Kuzin, Commercial Director of Rigla Pharmacy Chain, Member of the Coordination Board of the Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • Further development of pharmaceutical distribution and pharmacy retail. Alexander Tarasov, the First Vice President of ROSTA
  • Pharmacy business in Russia: casting nets again. Nikolay Demidov, General Director of IMS Health Russia and CIS
  • The results of amateur discount experiments. Evgeniy Nifantyev, General Director of Neofarm
  • Staff dependency problems in regional pharmacy chains. Pavel Lisovsky, Managing Partner of Control System Design
  • Discussion

Section: To the business efficiency collection: customer-oriented approach
14.00–16.00, Green hall #3

Master class of Farmatsevticheskiy vestnik newspaper and Aptekar magazine
Moderator: Svetlana Abramova, Chef Editor on Special Projects of Bionica Media

  • Customer-oriented approach as it is. Vladimir Kornyushin, Director of MedInfoReview Information and Analytical Centre
  • Why and how many? Check points in assortment profile formation. Pavel Lisovsky, Adviser on Pharmacy Management Systems and Business Optimization
  • How and with whom? Building typical customer communication models. Nina Telpukhovskaya, Business Coach, Leading pharmacy business specialist

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Section: Regulatory control and non-regulatory pharmacy activities
15.00–17.00, Red hall #1

Organizer: Soyuzpharma Association
Moderators: Elena Nevolina, Executive Director of Pharmacy Guild Non-Commercial Partnership, Dmitry Tselousov, executive director of Soyuzpharma Association

  • Pharmacy: from challenges to opportunities. Elena Telnova, Leading Research Associate of the National Research institute of Public Health
  • Pharmaceutical retail: social commerce or sociality trading. David Melik-Huseynov, Director of Social Economy Centre
  • What the pharmacy consulting brings and why incompetence can be dangerous. Rosa Yagudina, Head of the Laboratory of Pharmacoeconomics of the I. M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University; Evgeniya Arinina, Leading Research Associate of the Laboratory of Pharmacoeconomics of the I. M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University
  • Learning pharmacy business properly. Elena Nevolina, Executive Director of Pharmacy Guild Non-CommercialPartnership
  • Pharmacy business: interpretation of reality. Dmitry Tselousov, Executive Director of Soyuzpharma Association

Seminar: Electronic health control — an innovative product in a modern pharmacy. Social and economic aspects
15.30–16.00, Blue hall #2

Organizer: Medinterkon Co Ltd
Speaker: Gidkov Valery — CEO

Wednesday, December 11

B2B meetings with Polish companies
10.00–13.00, Blue hall #2


— Bestpharma
— Biovico
— Biofarm
— Hasco-Lek
— Zaklady Farmaceutyczne Unia
— Komtur

Section: Control and supervision of drug circulation. Audit practice in accordance with new legislative changes
11.00–13.00, Red hall #1

Moderator: Irina Krupnova, Head of the Department of State Control for Drug Circulation of the Federal Service of Surveillance in Healthcare of the Russian Federation

  • On regulatory and supervisory activities in pharmaceutical sphere. Audits and inspections: experience and results. Licensing of pharmaceutical activities: Irina Krupnova, Head of the Department of State Control for Drug Circulation of the Federal Service of Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor)
  • New regulations in drug circulation, controlled drugs, rules of registration of operations connected with drug circulation. Natalia Nikolaeva, Head of the Department of Organization of Licensing of Pharmaceutical Activities and Activities in the Sphere of Circulation of Narcotic and Psychotropic Drugs of the MoH of RF

Section: BAA in Russia: to be or not to be
13.00–15.00, Green hall #3

Organizer: Non-Commercial Partnership of Biologically Active Additives Manufacturers (NPP BAA)

Moderator: Leonid Maryanovsky, Executive Director of the Non-Commercial Partnership of Biologically Active Additives Manufacturers (NPP BAA)

  • Trends of nutrition optimization in Russia and in the world. Svetlana Orlova, Professor of the Chair of Clinical Threpsology of the Faculty of Postgraduate Medical Training of the Russian University of Peoples Friendship
  • BAA market in Russia: figures and components. Leonid Maryanovsky, Executive Director of the Non-CommercialPartnership of Biologically Active Additives Manufacturers (NPP BAA)
  • Regulation issues of BAA circulation in the Customs Union. Marina Ponomareva, Leading regulatory expert of EAS Russia & CIS Region

Section: Corporate University of a pharmacy chain: looking into the future
14.00–16.00, Red hall #1

Organizer: Farmatsevticheskoe obozrenie magazine

Moderator: Elena Glushchenko, business coach, HR consultant

  • Building pharmacy staff training and development system. When and why we need a corporate university. Alla Kaminskaya, business coach
  • Staff assessment and certification. Mentoring. Staff reserve. Elena Glushchenko, business coach, HR consultant
  • Emergency situations in pharmacy work. Victor Plakhotnikov, business coach
  • Quality control in a pharmacy chain. What a «correct» standard of services is and how it can increase the average bill in a pharmacy. Pavel Lisovsky, adviser on Pharmacy Profitability Issues
  • Whip or carrot: an efficient employee motivation in a pharmacy chain. Galina Khaustova, business coach, managing partner of the Telemarketing Academy