27-th International Trade Fair for Pharmaceuticals Products
International Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum
December 7-10, 2020,  Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds

December 5, Monday

Pharmaceutical market situation: processes and expectations.
13:00 — 15:00 Conference Hall 1

Moderator: Yuriy Krestinsky, Director of the Institute of Public Healthcare Development

  • Achievements and challenges in drug circulation regulatory process. Elena Maksimkina — director of the Department of State Control for Drug Circulation of the MoH of RF (TBC).
  • On the measures proposed by the Federal Antimonopoly Service for drug affordability: optimal pricing in crisis. Nadezhda Sharavskaya — Deputy Head of Department for Control over Social Sphere and Trade of the Federal Antimonopoly Service.
  • Searching for efficient drug supply models (pilot projects). Larissa Popovich — Director of the Institute of Health Economics of the «Higher School of Economy».
  • Irina Kosova — Head of the Department of the Faculty of Faculty of Continuing Medical Education of the Russian University of Peoples Friendship.

Drug flow monitoring. Serialization as a mechanism against drug counterfeiting. Global experience.
14:00 — 16:00 Conference Hall 2

Organizer: Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers


Moderator: Victor Dmitriyev — general director of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

  • General approaches for the implementation of an automated drug flow monitoring system.
  • Practical aspects of drug marking system implementation. New opportunities and risks.
  • Experience of foreign manufacturers in launching pilot serialization projects.

Today is later than you think. How to survive and profit in the changing market?
16:00 — 18:00 Conference Hall 1

Moderator — Pavel Lisovsky — managing partner of «Control System Design», adviser on pharmacy profitability issues

  • Key trends of the pharmaceutical market in 2016. Results of the new all-Russian study on the ways of work organizing in the pharmacy chains. Sergey Shulyak — general director of «DSM group».
  • How the pharmacies can integrate into the market in order to survive and earn profit in a changing environment. Quickly. Easily. Efficiently. Pavel Lisovsky — managing partner of «Control System Design», adviser on pharmacy profitability issues.
  • New interaction models between the distribution chain members. Vladimir Boyko — business development manager, «Merz Pharma».
  • Arbitration proceeding as a strategy to improve drug distributor efficiency in present economic conditions. Aleksey Kravtsov — President of the Arbitration Courts Union, Chairman of the Arbitration Court in Moscow.

Competent import substitution in pharmacies.
16:15 — 16:45 Conference Hall 2

Organiser: «Pepteк»


  • Import substitution in the consumer interests.
  • Likopid: a Russian medication with proven effectiveness.

Optical products in a pharmacy.
17:00 — 18:00 Conference Hall 2

Organizer: «Polar»

December 6, Tuesday

«Loneliness in the network. Ellipsis». Trends and development prospects of pharmaceutical retail chains and single stores. 10:30 — 12:30 Conference Hall 1

Organizer: Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing


Moderator — German Inozemtsev — chief editor of «Pharmaceutical Vestnik» newspaper, Co-Chairman of the Coordination Council of the Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing

  • Consolidation of pharmacy chains continues, but in different regions the process is uneven. Where there are few chains?
  • Product range matrix in pharmacies continues to change. What’s the reason?
  • Number of retail pharmaceutical outlets per capita increases, in the large cities the situation is different as in the small ones. How?
  • Small pharmacy chains and single stores continue to join unions and associations. Why?
  • Profitability of retail pharmaceutical outlet in large and small chain is different. Why?


Artur Mirzoyan — head of analytics department, «Pharmaceutical Vestnik».

Sergey Shulyak — general director of «DSM group», member of the Coordination Council of the Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing.

Anna Ermolayeva — general director of ALPHArm, member of the Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing.

Alexander Kondratyev — managing partner of ASNA pharmacy chain.

Pavel Lisovsky — managing partner of «Control System Design», member of the Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing.

Tools for effective pharmacy management.
10:30 — 12:30 Conference Hall 2

Organiser: «IT- Apteka»


Moderator — Valery Kositov — director of «IT-Apteka»

  • Category management in M-Pharmacy Plus as a tool for effective pharmacy management. Efficient marketing tools for promotion of manufacturer and supplier products in M-Pharmacy Plus. Darya Sidorova — head of consulting agency.
  • Main mistakes in the organization of a pharmacy chain work: SLOW, expensive, inefficient. Pavel Lisovsky —managing partner of «Control System Design».
  • Software tools of relationship marketing. Valery Kositov — director of «IT-Apteka»
  • Efficient management of pharmacy stocks using «Optima» system. Andrey Kazekin — head of development department of «Escape» Group.

What pharmacies can learn in corporate centres?
13:00 — 15:00 Conference Hall 2

Organiser: «Pharmaceutical Vestnik» newspaper

Pharmaceutical Vestnik

Moderator — German Inozemtsev — chief editor of «Pharmaceutical Vestnik» newspaper

  • Useful. Development and motivation of «Neo Farm» staff. Svetlana Raguzina — coordinator of «Neo Farm» training centre.
  • Interesting. Continuous education of «ASNA» chain managers as an important element of Change management system. Alexander Kondratyev — managing partner of «ASNA» pharmacy chain.
  • Informative. Gamification experience in retail pharmacy. Dialog simulators in training sales techniques. Maksim Gorbachev — consulting coach, «Profi», Alexander Vorobyev, remote education consultant, «SRC Multimedia».
  • Exciting. Pharmaceutical version of the popular TV series «Lie to Me»: Who is paying for the training? Maksim Girin — general director, «Farmakademiya»; Oleg Goncharov, Vyacheslav Utenin — business coaches.
  • NEW! Presentation of new «Bionika Media» training projects. Svetlana Abramova — head of training projects department, «Bionika Media».

In focus of 2016.
13:30 — 15:30 Conference Hall 1

Organizer: Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains


Moderator — Nelly Ignatiyeva — executive director of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains

  • Retail segment of the Russian pharmaceutical market, main development trends. Nikolay Bespalov — business development director, «RNC Pharma».
  • Pharmacy business: ways to growth. Sergey Shulyak — general director of «DSM group».
  • Retail market. Results of 2016. Evgeniy Nifantyev — general director of «Neo-Pharm» pharmacy chain, Chairman of the Coordination Council of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains.
  • Pharmacies as a main channel for dietary supplements sales. Leonid Maryanovsky — executive director of the Council of Dietary Supplement Producers.
  • Questions to legislation. Nelly Ignatiyeva — executive director of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains.

Profitability increasing in the pharmaceutical business. Discussion.
15:30 — 17:30 Conference Hall 2

Organizer: ASNA pharmacy chain


Moderator — Alexander Kondratyev — managing partner of ASNA pharmacy chain

  • Key trends of the retail pharmaceutical market development. Nikolay Bespalov — business development director, «RNC Pharma».
  • New opportunities of pharmacy marketing development, ASNA — saving, ASNA — profit. Alexander Shishkin, general director of «ASNA» pharmacy chain, Alexander Kondratyev — managing partner of «ASNA» pharmacy chain.
  • Pharmacist motivation as an efficient sales tool. Natalia Protasova — general director of «SIA» pharmacy chain, Krasnoyarsk.
  • Real experience of pharmacy efficiency improvement when joining ASNA. Aleksander Mironov — deputy general director, «Farma» pharmacy chain, Ryazan.

Modern pharmacy: secrets of improving pharmaceutical sales efficiency.
16:00 — 18:00 Conference Hall 1

Master class of «Russian Pharmacies» magazine

Russian Pharmacies

Moderator — Olga Smirnova — head of «Remedium» Publishing House

  • Why does a pharmacist need evidence-based medicine? Aleksey Vodovozov — physician of higher qualification category.
  • Evidence based medicine as a marketing tool in a pharmacy. Olga Sokolova — communication and client marketing expert.
  • Pharmacy sales matrix. Yulia Prozherina — analytical projects manager of «Remedium» Group.
  • Workshop on pharmacy product range: basic models of consumer behaviour and how to choose of the most effective sales tactics. Nikolay Litvak — deputy chief editor of «Russian Pharmacies» magazine.
  • Interactive game and quiz with prizes. Lottery drawing.

«Russian Pharmacies»: we are more successful together!

December 7, Wednesday

New norms and regulations. Control and supervision of drug and healthcare products circulation.
10:30 — 12:30 Conference Hall 1

Moderator — Irina Krupnova — head of the Department of State Control for Drug Circulation of the Federal Service of Surveillance in Healthcare of the Russian Federation

  • Modern forms of control and supervision of drug and healthcare products circulation. Audits and inspections: experience and results. Irina Krupnova — head of the Department of State Control for Drug Circulation of the Federal Service of Surveillance in Healthcare of the Russian Federation.
  • Review and adoption of new regulations on pharmaceutical activity and activities related to narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors circulation. New drug manufacturing and dispensing rules for pharmacies. Natalia Nikolaeva — head of the Department of Organization of Licensing of Pharmaceutical Activities and Activities in the Sphere of Circulation of Narcotic and Psychotropic Drugs of the MoH of RF.

Innovative education in the pharmaceutical market.
10:30 — 12:30 Conference Hall 2

Organiser: «Pharma-School» training centre


Moderator — Anastasiya Budkina — head of «Pharma-School» training centre

  • Inspections of supervisory and regulatory authorities in a pharmacy: what you need to know. Yaroslav Shulga —head of «Shulga Consulting Group» consulting company.
  • Category management tools: inventory analysis by product categories. Darya Sidorova — head of consulting agency.
  • How to increase private label products sales? Sergey Vuf — head of «Bizpharm» school.
  • Retail floor and merchandizing: less is better. Aleksey Slavich-Pristupa — business coach.

Dietary supplement market today.
13:00 — 15:00 Conference Hall 1

Organiser: Council of Dietary Supplement Producers

Союз производителей БАД

Moderator — Leonid Maryanovsky — executive director of the Council of Dietary Supplement Producers

  • Fight against counterfeit in the dietary supplement market. Leonid Maryanovsky — executive director of the Council of Dietary Supplement Producers.
  • Issues of BAA turnover regulation within the current legislation. Marina Ponomareva — leading regulatory expert of EAS Russia & CIS Region.
  • Vitamin D supplementation in pregnant women and children. Controversial nutrition issues in pregnancy. Prevention of congenital anomalies. Olga Gromova — Deputy Director for Research, Russian Collaborating Centre of UNESCO Trace Element Institute.
  • Topical issues of nutritional support in pediatrics on example of bone issue. Lyudmila Volkova — dietician, teaching assistant, Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.
  • Lithium: an essential micronutrient. Artem Pronin — department of pharmacology, Izhevsk State Medical Academy.

Modernly! Conveniently! Affordable! New trends in e-learning in pharmaceutics.
13:00 — 15:00 Conference Hall 2

Master class of «Pharmaceutical Review» magazine and «Farmclub»

Pharmaceutical ReviewFarmclub

Moderator — Igor Lunev — general director, «Unico»

Review of popular online platforms for pharmacy staff training. Igor Lunev — general director, «Unico».

  • Step by step instruction: creating a virtual corporate university. Elena Sheveleva — general director of «Farmclub», head of «Farm Tutor TM».
  • Attestation and assessment of staff using online opportunities. Alla Kaminskaya — business coach.
  • Online trainer for a pharmacy and a manufacturer. Getting knowledge of the product and improving sales technique. Elena Glushchenko — business coach.

Modern drug storage and sales tools in pharmacies of various formats.
15:15 — 15:45 Conference Hall 1

Organiser: «Design-Vector»


Pavel Puzanov — head of client relations department.

Pharmaceutical education in Russia: changes, perspectives and needs in the context of pharmacy practices. 
15:30 — 16:30 Conference Hall 2

Organizer: «Znaniye» Pharmaceutical centre

pharm znanie

Moderator — Elena Vatutina — general director, «Znaniye» Pharmaceutical centre

  • Pharmaceutical education development trends in Russia. Igor Narkevitch — Rector, St. Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical Academy.
  • Accreditation algorithms. Distance learning technology in continuing pharmaceutical education. Svetlana Sinotova — director, Centre for Continuing Education of the St. Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical Academy.
  • Pharmaceutical training needs of pharmacies. Konstantin Tiunov — president, «Pharmaceutical Partnership»Association.
  • Round table: «Distance learning technology in pharmaceutical education».

Moderator — Elena Vatutina — general director, «Znaniye» Pharmaceutical centre.