Trade Fair for Pharmaceuticals Products
Business Forum
November 24-26 2022 Moscow, Skolkovo Innovation Center, Amalteya Hall

4 December, Monday

Current state of pharmaceutical industry: key problems and solutions
13.30 - 15.50 Conference Hall 1

Moderator - Yuriy Krestinsky, Director of the Institute of Public Healthcare Development, Director of the Center for Economics and Health Management Studies at Skolkovo Business School.

  • Russian pharmaceutical market, main trends of 2017, development forecast. Nikolay Bespalov, business development director, RNC Pharma.
  • On the measures proposed by the Federal Antimonopoly Service for drug affordability: optimal pricing in crisis (topic TBC). Nadezhda Sharavskaya, Deputy Head of Department for Control over Social Sphere and Trade of the Federal Antimonopoly Service
  • Drug provision during the transition to the digital healthcare. Larissa Popovich, Director of the Institute of Health Economics of the «Higher School of Economy».
  • Good Pharmacy Practice: start-up of changes in the retail chain of the pharmaceutical market. Ekaterina Loskutova, Head of the Department of Pharmacy Management and Economy, Russian University of Peoples' Friendship

Profitable pharmacy business. How to manage a pharmacy chain effectively?
16.00 - 18.00 Conference Hall 1

Moderator: Pavel Lisovsky, managing partner of «Control System Design», adviser on pharmacy profitability issues

  • Automated category management for small, medium and large pharmacy chains.
  • Efficient pricing model. Description of the profitability increasing methodology for a pharmacy chain in any competitive situation.
  • Case study of profitability increase in product categories. Research results.

Tools to increase the pharmacy profitability through «InfoApteka» automation system
13.30 - 14.00 Conference Hall 2

Organizer: «InfoApteka» company


Moderator: Vladimir Zaytsev, deputy general director, «InfoApteka» company

  • How «InfoApteka» helps retail pharmacists to provide high-quality service to the clients. Konstantin Lukashevsky, head of automation department, «InfoApteka» company
  • How «InfoApteka» helps to reduce costs. Maksim Lysenkov, head of training department, «InfoApteka» company.

Compulsory and additional education of pharmacy staff:
new issues, new solutions

16.00 - 18.00 Conference Hall 2

Organizer: «Znaniye» Pharmaceutical centre, St. Petersburg


Moderator: Olesya Aul, head of sales department, «Znaniye» Pharmaceutical centre

  • Continuous medical and pharmaceutical education: training procedures, questions and answers. Margarita Shilova, head of training centre, «Znaniye» Pharmaceutical centre.
  • Organization of trainings within continuous medical and pharmaceutical education: what a pharmacy head or a specialist need to know, where the pharmacists can find 250 hours for education, and what trainings are free of charge. Margarita Shilova, head of training centre, «Znaniye» Pharmaceutical centre.
  • Certification of specialists: traditional and remote formats: what's the difference? Alisa Surikova, head of corporate service department, «Znaniye» Pharmaceutical centre.
  • Employees training monitoring: how to keep track of educational activities. Olesya Aul, head of sales department, «Znaniye» Pharmaceutical centre
  • Additional education of pharmacy staff: problem-oriented approach. Alisa Surikova, head of corporate service department, «Znaniye» Pharmaceutical centre.

5 December, Tuesday

Pharmacy chains or pharmacy associations.
Choosing development model for the pharmaceutical retail in Russia
10.30 - 12.30 Conference Hall 1

Organizer: Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing


Moderator: German Inozemtsev, chief editor of «Pharmaceutical Vestnik» newspaper, website and TV channel, Co-Chairman of the Coordination Council of the Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing

  • Russian pharmacy market: preliminary results of 2017 and forecasts for 2018. Anna Ermolayeva, general director of ALPHArm.
  • Future of associations: scale or technology? Alexander Kondratyev, managing partner of ASNA pharmacy chain.
  • What a pharmacy chain needs to establish the own pharmacy association. Konstantin Tiunov, marketing director, Unipharma, Rosapteka, Unident.
  • Spring on Pharmaceutical Street. Who likes drippings? Alexander Fridman, general director, VESNA, Denis Pharm.
  • Discussion.

In reflection of 2017
13.00 - 15.00 Conference Hall 1

Organizer: Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains


Moderator: Nelly Ignatiyeva, executive director of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains

  • Connection to «Markirovka» information system and working procedures in retail. Evgeniy Nifantyev, general director of «Neo-Pharm» pharmacy chain, Chairman of the Coordination Council of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains
  • Digital approach in pharmaceutical retail. Alexander Filipov, general director of «Rigla» pharmacy chain, Chairman of the Coordination Council of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains.
  • CRM loyalty. Samson Sogoyan, member of the Coordination Council of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains, general director of «Samson Farma» chain.
  • IRIS: commercial partnership of pharmacy chains. Dmitry Sokol, general director of «Your Doctor» pharmacy chain, member of the Coordination Council of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains.
  • Legislative regulation. Status of 2017. Nelly Ignatiyeva, executive director of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains.
  • Discussion on «Mandatory identification code marking: reality, prospects, significance. The pilot project results».

New approaches, tools and practices in pharmacy staff online training
15.30 - 17.30 Conference Hall 1

Organizer: «Farmclub» company


Moderator: Igor Lunev, general director, «Unico»

  • Creation of informational and training environment for heads of pharmacies and retail pharmacists on «Farm Tutor». online learning portal. What is more efficient: to create a pharmacy chain corporate university from scratch or to use a ready-made solution? Elena Sheveleva, general director of «Farmclub».
  • How to train, improve skills and evaluate the retail pharmacists using video trainings. Alla Kaminskaya, business coach, pharmacy business development adviser.
  • Retail pharmacists as key pharmacy staff. How to bring key drug information to the retail pharmacist directly? Elena Glushchenko, business coach.
  • Discussion. Pharmacy chains experience in remote training organization. Igor Lunev, general director, «Unico».

Efficient pharmacy management tools
10.30 - 12.30 Conference Hall 2

Organizer: «IT-Apteka»


Moderator: Valery Kositov, director of «IT-Apteka»

  • The know-how for pharmacies: expert analytics «in the cloud» for efficient pharmacy business forecasting. Darya Sidorova, head of consulting agency
  • External processing as a new stage in the development of loyalty programs for pharmacies. Valery Kositov, director of «IT-Apteka».
  • What is an effective pharmacy network? A look through the eyes of a marketing expert. Ekaterina Panina - marketing specialist, managing partner of LMG.
  • The pharmaceutical knowledge base as an essential tool for pharmacies. Darya Sidorova, head of consulting agency
  • Presentation of tools for using the pharmaceutical knowledge base on the example of M-APTEKA plus software.

Pharmacy chains: a stake on communications and staff
13.00 - 15.00 Conference Hall 2

Organizer: «Pharmaceutical Vestnik» newspaper

Pharmaceutical Vestnik

Moderator: German Inozemtsev, chief editor of «Pharmaceutical Vestnik» newspaper

  • Demanded by the times...
    The pharmaceutical business offers various cooperation models: manufacturer-distributor-pharmacy chain. What should be considered in establishing such communication in order to make it as efficient as possible? Pavel Lisovsky, managing partner of «Control System Design».
  • Manufacturer + pharmacy chain = basis for successful business. 
    We witness the evolution on the pharmaceutical market: the manufacturer - the pharmacy chain. What we can expect in terms of consolidation? How can small manufacturers and chains create successful alliances? Mistakes in the formation of proposals, both by chains and manufacturers and ... cases, cases, cases - all from practice! Maksim Gorbachev, senior partner of the PHABULA project (pharmaceutical business laboratory).
  • Enthusiastic, involved, engaged, or...
    There are several levels of staff commitment to the company. We are looking for the highest one, when the employees perceive the company's business as their own, and consider their duty to contribute to the company's prosperity. Oleg Goncharov, pharmaceutical marketing expert.
  • Improving employees skills: when? how? what?

    New projects and inventions in this field provide the pharmacists the diverse opportunities to fulfil their potential. However, can the remote education replace the traditional intramural study in full? Elena Lazareva, head of training and staff development, «Samson Farma» chain.

Practical strategy for maximizing pharmacy profit through selective cosmetics category, detailed business case analysis
15.30 - 17.30 Conference Hall 2

Organizer: Organizer: «Tovarniy Znak» magazine

Moderator - Dmitry Kryazhev - publisher of «Tovarniy Znak» magazine

  • Changes in medication pricing in 2017
  • Private labels: opportunities and limitations.
  • Calculation of pharmacy profitability model: new opportunities.
  • Analysis of the working strategy for pharmacy profitability increasing using actual case studies. Pavel Lisovsky, managing partner of «Control System Design», adviser on pharmacy profitability issues

6 December, Wednesday

New norms and regulations. Control and supervision of drug and healthcare products circulation
10.30 - 12.30 Conference Hall 1

Moderator: Irina Krupnova, head of the Department of State Control for Drug Circulation of the Federal Service of Surveillance in Healthcare of the Russian Federation

  • Modern forms of control and supervision of drug and healthcare products circulation. Risk-based model of control and supervisory activities. Classification of pharmacy organizations. New requirements for the staff and infrastructure of pharmacies. Irina Krupnova, head of the Department of State Control for Drug Circulation of the Federal Service of Surveillance in Healthcare of the Russian Federation
  • Review and adoption of new regulations on pharmaceutical activity and activities related to narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors circulation. Natalia Nikolaeva, head of the Department of Organization of Licensing of Pharmaceutical Activities and Activities in the Sphere of Circulation of Narcotic and Psychotropic Drugs of the MoH of RF

Pharmaceutical business: efficient partnership models
13.00 - 15.00 Conference Hall 1

Organizer: ASNA pharmacy chain


Alexander Kondratyev, managing partner of ASNA pharmacy chain

  • Consolidation of the pharmacy market - who we are, where we are, why do we need that? Pavel Raschupki , development director, «RNC Pharma» analytical company
  • Partnership in a highly competitive environment: it is possible! Alexander Kondratyev, managing partner of ASNA pharmacy chain.
  • Profitability management of a pharmacy chain - everything can be changed within a year! Aleksander Mironov, deputy general director, «Farma» pharmacy chain, Ryazan
  • Strategic partnership between a manufacturer and a pharmacy chain. What is the secret? Fedor Novikov, National Pharmacy Chains Team Lead, Pfizer.
  • Why the market needs pharmacy associations? Vladlen Kalustov, general director «Obnovleniye».

Round table «Education in the Field of Traditional Medicine Systems»
15.30 - 18.00 Conference Hall 1

Participants: Department of Integrative Medicine and the Scientific and Practical Center of Traditional Medical SystemsI.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University Ministry of Health of Russia,

Ayurveda Russian-Indian Association, Association of  Ministry of AYUSH Government of India, Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians.

Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University Ministry ATCMP

Topics for discussion:

  • Peculiarities of the organization of the educational process (educational programs) in the training of specialists in traditional medical systems.
  • Issues of standardization and quality of education in the field of TMS. innovative trends on the pharmaceutical market
10.30 - 12.30 Conference Hall 2

Organizer: «Pharma-School» training centre

Moderator: Anastasiya Budkina, rector, «Medical Remote Academy»

  • «Medical Remote Academy»: quality education on the pharmaceutical market. Darya Sidorova, tutor of the «Medical Remote Academy», head of consulting agency.
  • Operational planning in the pharmacy management. Yaroslav Shulga, business coach, «» training centre.
  • For the pharmacy heads: objections of retail pharmacists. Elena Demenko, business coach, «» training centre.

Profitable for the pharmacy
master class on effective assortment planning
13.00 - 15.00 Conference Hall 2

Organizer: «Russian Pharmacies» magazine

Russian Pharmacies

Moderator: Nikolay Litvak, deputy chief editor of «Russian Pharmacies» magazine

  • Principles of an optimal consumer basket composition for a pharmacy. Yulia Prozherina, head of marketing research department, «Remedium» Group.
  • Scientific approach for the retail pharmacists: how to help in antacids choosing. Aleksey Vodovozov, scientific editor, «Russian Pharmacies» magazine.
  • Pharmaceutical recommendations, therapeutic chains and application of pharmacy sales techniques - a key to increase the pharmacy profitability. Olga Sokolova, communication and client marketing expert
  • Strategies for effective consultation: targeted management techniques of customer demand. Nikolay Litvak, deputy chief editor of «Russian Pharmacies» magazine.

«InfoApteka» in partnership with pharmaceutical and marketing associations and information resources
15.30 - 16.00 Conference Hall 2

Organizer: «InfoApteka» company


Moderator: Vladimir Zaytsev, deputy general director, «InfoApteka» company

  • What integration projects to be implemented in the «InfoApteka» in 2018? Konstantin Lukashevsky, head of automation department, «InfoApteka» company.
  • Profit for pharmacies and associations. Maksim Lysenkov, head of training department, «InfoApteka» company.